Entry 13

7 Apr

Sometimes it is SO hard to get up in the morning. I’m not saying in some depressed, I-can’t-go-on way. Just that it’s EARLY and I want to SLEEP, I HAVE to sleep!!!! That’s right, with FOUR exclamation marks!!!! Sometimes, the need for sleep is so overwhelming and powerful that I give in. It’s incredibly naughty of me, but.. what’s done is done. However! Today I made myself get up (yes, pat on the back for me!) and then I forgot to bring a snack, so for a little while, I thought I was going to feel sick and faint or something. But then we walked more, talked more, and things became infinitely more bearable. Now I’m home, with the intent to nourish myself and then mop. Possibly take a shower, but let’s not make anything official.

I would hate to be this guy; that would be so frustrating.

In other news, here’s a laugh.

I’m not really interested in Tron ( though I’d see it just for Garrett Hedlund >_> ), but I do love me some Glitch Mob.

Here are a few little Animal Planet articles about animals. One is about gorillas and human-like behavior, and the other is about prairie dogs kissing.

I cannot even convey to you how much I agree with this. TLC is TERRIBLE! So many channels are giving in to ‘reality tv’ and I just personally can’t stand it, and TLC has that as well as other mindless drivel. I used to like this channel! Okay, granted I never watched it much because I didn’t have cable growing up, but my friend and I used to watch Trading Spaces. Now, that sort of thing would be on HG and TLC is just.. I don’t even know…. But that page cracks me up!!

In other news, did you know the capybara is the largest rodent in the world? It’s actually related to the guinea pig and, like its cousin, cannot make its own Vitamin C (humans and apes are also incapable). I think they’re kinda cute. xD  I think it would be fascinating to have one as a pet, but they love water, I have no idea what climate and diet they need, how much space, behavior/temperament, or lifespan. Basically – it’d be a badass exotic pet, but I’m not stupid; I know that I would not be knowledgeable or well equipped to provide for one. Still….. wouldn’t that be awesome?!

More capybara pictures of awesomeness. And one of capybaras with tapirs!

Well, it’s 9:50 am. I’ve been up for.. over 4 hours already. I’ve had my field birding class, downloaded some new desktop wallpapers and applied one, cleaned up my desktop, written this, fed my rabbit, washed some dishes, and now I’m going to mop.


Entry 12

5 Apr

It is now April. On Friday (April 1) I was not subjected to any sort of prank or ruse. No, I had the pleasure of going to class, as usual.  I hadn’t even gotten my hopes up that he’d cancel – he made us go on Thanksgiving week and the Friday before spring break, so I knew not to expect any awesomeness from him. Which is okay; he’s just doing his job. In fact, I should be doing homework for that class right now…

I knew some of this because I’m currently in a taxonomy class, but I still found it interesting. It’s about the scientific names of animals, and where they sometimes come from.

Another interesting link is this; it’s hilarious test answers!

I ran out of money. It sucks. I didn’t buy any groceries last week and possibly the week before. This week I gave in because, in that time, I’d gone through some of my reserves – you know, freezer items, soda, some snacks, soup, etc. I didn’t think I bought that much, but $45 later…. And I only got things I needed!! Hopefully I’ll be moving directly from this place into my new apartment in a few months, so we’ll just bring over any food we have. In years past, I’ve moved back in with the ‘rents over the summer break, so any food was boxed up in the garage. Not the best idea, for some things – no, I wasn’t stupid enough to put fruit in there or anything, just cereal and cans and junk.

I was naughty. I got ink done. That’s right. THAT kind of ink. I’ve been wanting it for years (5+, actually) and specifically waited, to make sure it wasn’t just a passing fancy. After much deliberation on the size, color, and placement, I came to a conclusion and then waited a couple weeks or more, to make sure this decision still felt right. It did, so I made an appointment. And let me tell you – that HURTS. But it looks cool, and it’ll probably be the one crazy thing I ever do. And that’s okay with me.

More nature!

Note: I am not one of those Muslim-hatin’ Americans. I think Islam is pretty interesting, especially when you see how it sort of came from the same roots as Judaism and Christianity. There will always be fanatics and stereotypes though, unfortunately. Moving on! This was pretty hilarious:

Here’s another video, though this one is more cutesy. Make sure you watch the whole thing.

Is this cool, or is this cool?! And strangely (call me cocky if you want), but I feel like I wouldn’t be all that bad with that; good sense of balance and decent movement. Though, of course, I could be totally over-confident and biased!

lolwut. I understand a second one and even look forward to it (yay outer space movies!), but honestly, what cracked me up is what an obvious Karl Urban fanboy the author is!! xD

In other news, it’s possible that I made a new friend. Met someone from the same university on Deviantart, and we met up for lunch. It was pretty cool! I now have a list of anime and manga to check out, to broaden my horizons and possibly provide a character idea for future cosplay. I first intend to make a jedi costume, but one day!!

The Deep Element – Fae
Celldweller – Switchback
The Glitch Mob – Starve the Ego Feed the Soul (remix), Drive it Like You Stole It (remix)
Marty Party – Until We Bleed (remix), Infinity
Mimosa – Dead Like Me, ETG, FTAMF, Flux For Life, Sirius, The Unseen
Regina Spektor – Machine
Rage Against the Machine – Calm Like a Bomb, Wake Up
Unloco – Bruises
Rob Dougan – Clubbed to Death, Furious Angels
Damage Vault – Damaged, Harbinger, Outbreak, Consequence, SFG, Painlost
Fever Ray – The Wolf

Animal of the day: Philippine Eagle My friend said he really likes it. Then I read the description: rare, huge, powerful. Gee, no wonder the boy liked it. xD

Entry 11

18 Mar

So, it’s been a while since I last posted something, but I guess it doesn’t really matter since no one reads this, anyway. Why do we feel the need to empty our inner thoughts to the deep abyss of the cyber world? Somehow, it feels more fulfilling than keeping a journal or diary on paper, and yet we are often so quick to freak out if someone we don’t personally know, knows intimate details about us. Maybe if you didn’t post such things to the internet–???

Oh well. Moving on.

Christmas was great. New semester’s been fine. Lighter class load because I didn’t get into everything I needed, so I’m volunteering some now, also. Went on an awesome field trip one weekend in February to the coast for birding. Had a friend visit from California and showed her some places around the state – Austin, then headed down through San Marcos to San Antonio, then also to Corpus Christi, Aransas Pass, and Port Aransas. It was a pretty awesome and busy week, including my birthday and a family cookout, an hour wait for the Aransas ferry, meeting some birder dude, taking fun pics at random places, lunch on Lake Travis, dinner on the Riverwalk, getting to the Alamo just after it closed, and quickly putting the tent up at 10:30 pm one night.

A note – I love my car more with every passing day! The trunk is delightfully spacious, the back seat completely folds down flat, it has a sun roof, tape AND CD player, and everything works as it should!! It’s just a joy to behold. *_* I’ve had a year and I still love it SO MUCH~ We packed it full with the tent, suitcase and duffel bag, air mattress, sleeping bag, rolled up sleeping foamy mats, comforters and extra blankets, supplies like air pumps and flashlights, beach stuff, my birding backpack, and more! In the backseat we put the ice chest, pillows, and snacks.

I was totally proud of my skills in putting up the tent and taking it back down with decent efficiency (especially since it was my first time AND in the dark), and definitely want to camp more in the future with my friends!! I felt incredibly awesome in that I used the sleeping mat, sleeping bag, and even actually got some sleep! After the cicadas and wind subsided, anyway.

Some random animal wiki links:




And yes, I’ve seen all three. Saw the cinnamon teal just 2 days ago in Port Aransas.


The moon looks lovely just now. The sun’s gone but it’s not entirely dark yet, and the moon shines with amazing brilliance, sitting low and the sky and appearing full or very close to it, with a yellow hint to its bright glow.


This is just full of win. FULL.

And these also make me crack up:



Worth checking out!


ONE DAY! Carnival of Venice

For now, I’m looking around for camping ideas (state parks, really), and looking at places for little 1-2 night trips. I want to look back and have done more, especially since I’m taking classes all summer.


Entry 10

13 Dec

Monday! And I have the Monday blues.. dreading some exams. Absolutely dreading..

Despite it being the season of giving, or perhaps because of it, I found myself looking at a few pages regarding recycling, going green, veganism, etc. No in depth research, mind you; just poking around and avoiding my textbooks.

Here’s a blog post regarding electronic trash build up, and a lot of the comments are also interesting to read.

Here are a few more interesting pages to check out:

Clean Water Saves.org/

Let’s Think Green Thoughts

And for shits and giggles.

Is anyone else super excited to see the new Narnia movie?! I already had plans on the night it came out and serious obligations the next morning, but I intend to see it soon! Hopefully this weekend. ^_____^ I have the books, so I’m interested to see how they did this next one. Also, I’m concerned – are they going to make the others?? So far, they’ve made movies of books 2, 4, and now 5. What about the Magician’s Nephew? The Horse and His Boy? Hopefully they’re just doing them in this order to be efficient about the growing young actors, just like they had to power through all Harry Potter movies so the ‘kids’ wouldn’t have grey hair by the time they entered their 7th year. I REALLY do hope they’ll go back and make movies of the other Narnia books! The Horse and His Boy was my favorite. ^_____^

I think it’s thoroughly weird when girls squeal in excitement about Skandar Keynes because to me he just looks young, but I do love this video! My friend showed it to me a couple of years ago. To those of you who don’t get the relevance, Skandar Keynes is the kid that plays Edmund in the current Narnia movies.

Okay. I’ve just decided this. Every post, I’m going to link to the wiki page of an animal. Maybe something normal, exotic, or even a breed of domesticated animal.

Today, the Bernese Mountain Dog.

Entry 9

12 Dec

Okay, well I haven’t posted in, what, a month and a half? More, really. I’ve been busy with school and life, but I HAVE stockpiled some interesting links and pictures to share!

A while back, I watched some videos on the Animal Planet site of ‘Amazing Dogs’, and I have to admit, I was definitely impressed by these dogs.  Here’s Jesse, the Jack Russell Terrier. I don’t usually like small dogs much, but he seems like a fantastic pup!

Here’s about a strange, prehistoric shark: http://animal.discovery.com/videos/weird-true-freaky-frilled-shark-prehistoric-animal-f.html#mkcpgn=fbapl1 They say it’s a frilled shark – eel tail, pirahna mouth, lived 80 million years ago. Didn’t change much in 95 million years, but they only surface when dead. Definitely crazy to think about, that there are still living ones lurking down in the abyss of the oceans somewhere, that no one knows about!

And a current, strange looking shark: http://www.greengoblin.com/internal/corner/shark.html

Still on the subject of animals, Animal Planet put together a list of submitted names of cats and dogs – the most unusual/uncommon ones! Page found here.


  1. Pickle Von Corndog
  2. Lord Chubby Pruneface
  3. Badonkadonk
  4. Ninjastar Dangerrock
  5. Molly Mcboozehound
  6. Dog Vadar
  7. Flospy Squeakerton
  8. Bettie Poops
  9. Geez Louise
  10. Barnaby Bones


  1. Purr Diem
  2. Bing Clawsby
  3. Cleocatra
  4. Admiral Pancake
  5. Optimus Pants
  6. Chairman Meow
  7. Boo Manchu
  8. Watts in a Name
  9. Chenoa Azure Marshmellow-Puff
  10. Senor Nachos

So, I was looking through my textbook (seeing if there was anything that might prove useful to know on the exam), and they had a cool picture. Interestingly, I stumbled across the same thing online within the next few days. It’s a photograph of the fossils of a protoceratops and a velociraptor, in the midst of fighting. Interestingly, something happened that killed and preserved them right in the middle of this! I found it to be super awesome. If you don’t feel like clicking the link, here’s the picture and someone’s recreation of the scene:

Lastly for today, you don’t see this everyday!! It is said that the frog was fine. Maybe it liked the warmth!

Went to a cool show last weekend! Saw The Ready Set, The Far East Movement, and Travie McCoy. I found it interesting to note that the 2009 Bobby Bones Christmas Show was all ages, $30, in a bigger venue, and started at 6:30 pm (I think), whereas the 2010 one was in a much smaller venue, 21+, $15, and started at 7:00 pm. This year was WAY better; I could actually see a little, it didn’t take 15 minutes to get out to get a drink, and there were no obnoxious children running about unsupervised. And it was cheaper! Oh, and get this – there was a theme of tacky Christmas sweaters.

I wasn’t so sure what to think about macaroni with sharp cheddar cheese. I occasionally make the Kraft mac, but if I do, I often add something like lil smokies. I generally prefer the Velveeta macaroni and cheese, but my mom gave me a similar box but with normal-looking noodles (what are they called, elbow?) and sharp cheddar, and it was actually quite delicious! Also, what I liked about the noodles was that they couldn’t get stuck in each other and not cook thoroughly, which is a pet peeve (and just a total pain) with the shell noodles, though I do otherwise love them.

I’ve got exams and then I’ll be done for the semester. Lots to pack and clean! But first – the exams.

Entry 8

20 Oct

COOL: http://www.tomscott.com/weather/starwars/

Helping to train your pet out of the ‘8 Rudest Pet Behaviors’: http://blogs.discovery.com/daily_treat/2010/10/the-8-rudest-pet-behaviors.html#mkcpgn=fbapl1

Had a good Monday evening. ^_^ Had mac and cheese last night, with some diced tomato on top and a yummy Dr Pepper. Getting up a bit late today, but it feels nice.

Bet you didn’t know: the typical robo dwarf hamster is the wild type, like the default. As in, if you do the Punnett square of both parents being Aa, to see all of the possible offspring, you get this:

AA, Aa, Aa would all exhibit the A version of the trait, because it’s dominant. aa would be different, and show the recessive version of the trait. For example, A=brown eyes, a=blue eyes. But if you have Aa, they’d still have brown eyes because the A is dominant (this is not accurate for eyes, since there are probably more things involved and also more color possibilities).  But it’s an example, all the same. So! What I’m saying is, there’s a 75% chance of getting a regular looking robo hamster, and a 25% chance of getting the agouti.

WHICH IS REALLY CUTE: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:WF_Robo.jpg

The regular (wild type): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Robo_pair.jpg

Again, there may be multiple genes involved in determining the coloration of the hamsters, but that’s a general idea of how it works, if you forgot your high school biology. BY THE WAY – he’s called a ‘robo’ because the dude’s last name was Roborovski.

Justin Bieber? NO THANKS. Justin Bieber slowed down 800%? Surprisingly good! It’s like the ocean.. Reminds me of a bunch of music I was listening to on Pandora a while back, but I forget the names. Check it out: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/jason-sigal/sloweddown-bieber-an-epic_b_695695.html

A cute cat that likes to perch on its owner’s head: http://www.care2.com/greenliving/human-cat-perch-video.html

Another cute cat: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6OTbJGtEDUw&feature=related

Always a good one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Bmhjf0rKe8&feature=related

PS3: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z3OmE5gfbPU Not sure I’d ever do this with a gaming system, but hey, still kind of neat.

LOL so true: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QeTPNjPiyJM&feature=channel ANYONE will try to friend on Facebook! For me it’s like, if you went to school with me for years and never bothered to speak to me, don’t try to friend me on FB, you idiot. If I don’t even know you, your chances just went from silm to NONE. If you were an ass to me, you also don’t stand a chance.

I have a few albums by her, but apparently not this one. Lovely song. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZK-rGkvr1WM&feature=related

Well, onto another Wednesday!

Entry 7

14 Oct

This totally makes sense;  having kids read to dogs (who won’t judge or even react to how poorly they read) encourages them and ultimately increases their confidence and reading skills: http://www.ucdavis.edu/spotlight/0410/reading_to_rover.html

This one I totally never thought about, but it’s an interesting concept: http://blogs.psychcentral.com/healing-together/2010/04/can-pets-improve-your-relationship/


"Stuff Your Pets Can Balance On Their Heads"

Some information about the miners in Chile, posted a day or two ago: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/lt_chile_mine_collapse

Kings of Leon (Closer, Crawl, Sex on Fire, Knocked Up, On Call, Use Somebody, Arizona)
Modest Mouse (3rd Planet, Float On, Dashboard, Tiny Cities Made of Ashes)