Entry 1

4 Oct

Okay fine, so I’m hopping on the bandwagon and getting a blog, despite knowing that no one will read it. I know there are other ways to express myself, like a journal or simply talking, but hey, I’m already on my computer too much, so what’s a little more?

A few things about me (yanno, on the off chance anyone ever reads this): I’m a university student (biology), I’m from Texas, and I really hate when people make decisions without knowing any information.

Winamp on shuffle:
All the Small Things, by Blink 182
Come Here Boy, by Imogen Heap
Original Prankster, by the Offspring
Tragedy, by Celldweller
Just Hold Me, by Maria Mena
Wanderlust, by Flogging Molly
What I Like About You, by the Ramones
Waiting For the World to Fall, by Jars of Clay
One by One, by Chumbawamba
Dingo Beats part 1, by Moonitor

People should just recognize my fantastic taste automatically.. I mean I know I’m being absurd and just joking, but still. Is it silly that I love my taste in things? Music, cars, books, random crap in my room.. Okay mostly music and random crap.  Yes, I know that’s super egotistical of me lol.

So, I was sick last weekend (like ~9 days ago) and had awful sinus pressure (my head wanted to implode), so instead of studying or doing homework (because that sucks even when healthy) I decided to try out Heroes. The reason I’d never watched it before was because I seem to have trouble committing to TV shows and once I do, other things (ie homework) suffer for it. And guess what – I managed to watch all of Season 1 within 2 days. Now, a week later, I’ve also watched the first 9 episodes of Season 2. Goodbye, grades.

The parentals want to know if my brother and I want to come to San Antonio with them for a weekend. I wouldn’t mind going to Fiesta Texas and riding the Superman a few times, but it sounds like we’ll all be sharing a hotel room, so that makes me hesitant to bring someone with me. So, looks like I’ll just use that time for sibling bonding.

Looks like there’s yet another scam going on, this time involving jury duty:http://www.fbi.gov/page2/june06/jury_scams060206.htm

Being a science major, I particularly enjoy these:

OMG WTF. I just found 2 Paris Hilton songs on my computer. I really want to know where they came from now.. I’m pretty sure it was one of my brothers but then… why do they have it? O_____o


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