Entry 4

10 Oct

It’s really frustrating when my friend is in the library so we can’t talk on the phone, but we can’t read each other’s mind to know when to check email, and texting is just so slow and limiting.. But we can’t remember her precise SN/pw combination for AIM that I made her a few years ago, and the AIM registration page is MESSING UP.

Went home for a night and got to pick up my aunt from the airport, so seeing her was really cool. Pretty cool that she brought clothes that don’t quite fit her and some not only fit me, but also I actually like them! When people try to pick out stuff for me it’s generally a bad idea (I’m picky) but I now have a few new shirts, a new skirt..  Came back last night, now attempting to get some work done. It’s in progress……. >_>

Also trying to think of a new AIM screen name for myself.. There was one I liked a LOT, but it’s taken. D8 And I think it’s too long to add any numbers or junk, and I hate numbers on there anyway.

Je Pars, by Mary’s Dream (on repeat)
Lovely song. Heard my roommate playing it a while back, looked it up and got it. ^_^

Nothing profound to share with you today, sorry. Just really frustrated at Yahoo and AOL. And ‘captcha’.

Doing pretty good at avoiding getting any work done on my paper.. Was hoping to receive a couple of emails from cool people, but alas, better luck tomorrow?

Et je pars tant mieux..

Time to study some more.

Happy 10-10-10 everyone~

Now listening to some Coldplay, seeing as how I started this post about 10 hours ago and then forgot I never finished it.


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