Entry 9

12 Dec

Okay, well I haven’t posted in, what, a month and a half? More, really. I’ve been busy with school and life, but I HAVE stockpiled some interesting links and pictures to share!

A while back, I watched some videos on the Animal Planet site of ‘Amazing Dogs’, and I have to admit, I was definitely impressed by these dogs.  Here’s Jesse, the Jack Russell Terrier. I don’t usually like small dogs much, but he seems like a fantastic pup!

Here’s about a strange, prehistoric shark: http://animal.discovery.com/videos/weird-true-freaky-frilled-shark-prehistoric-animal-f.html#mkcpgn=fbapl1 They say it’s a frilled shark – eel tail, pirahna mouth, lived 80 million years ago. Didn’t change much in 95 million years, but they only surface when dead. Definitely crazy to think about, that there are still living ones lurking down in the abyss of the oceans somewhere, that no one knows about!

And a current, strange looking shark: http://www.greengoblin.com/internal/corner/shark.html

Still on the subject of animals, Animal Planet put together a list of submitted names of cats and dogs – the most unusual/uncommon ones! Page found here.


  1. Pickle Von Corndog
  2. Lord Chubby Pruneface
  3. Badonkadonk
  4. Ninjastar Dangerrock
  5. Molly Mcboozehound
  6. Dog Vadar
  7. Flospy Squeakerton
  8. Bettie Poops
  9. Geez Louise
  10. Barnaby Bones


  1. Purr Diem
  2. Bing Clawsby
  3. Cleocatra
  4. Admiral Pancake
  5. Optimus Pants
  6. Chairman Meow
  7. Boo Manchu
  8. Watts in a Name
  9. Chenoa Azure Marshmellow-Puff
  10. Senor Nachos

So, I was looking through my textbook (seeing if there was anything that might prove useful to know on the exam), and they had a cool picture. Interestingly, I stumbled across the same thing online within the next few days. It’s a photograph of the fossils of a protoceratops and a velociraptor, in the midst of fighting. Interestingly, something happened that killed and preserved them right in the middle of this! I found it to be super awesome. If you don’t feel like clicking the link, here’s the picture and someone’s recreation of the scene:

Lastly for today, you don’t see this everyday!! It is said that the frog was fine. Maybe it liked the warmth!

Went to a cool show last weekend! Saw The Ready Set, The Far East Movement, and Travie McCoy. I found it interesting to note that the 2009 Bobby Bones Christmas Show was all ages, $30, in a bigger venue, and started at 6:30 pm (I think), whereas the 2010 one was in a much smaller venue, 21+, $15, and started at 7:00 pm. This year was WAY better; I could actually see a little, it didn’t take 15 minutes to get out to get a drink, and there were no obnoxious children running about unsupervised. And it was cheaper! Oh, and get this – there was a theme of tacky Christmas sweaters.

I wasn’t so sure what to think about macaroni with sharp cheddar cheese. I occasionally make the Kraft mac, but if I do, I often add something like lil smokies. I generally prefer the Velveeta macaroni and cheese, but my mom gave me a similar box but with normal-looking noodles (what are they called, elbow?) and sharp cheddar, and it was actually quite delicious! Also, what I liked about the noodles was that they couldn’t get stuck in each other and not cook thoroughly, which is a pet peeve (and just a total pain) with the shell noodles, though I do otherwise love them.

I’ve got exams and then I’ll be done for the semester. Lots to pack and clean! But first – the exams.


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