Entry 10

13 Dec

Monday! And I have the Monday blues.. dreading some exams. Absolutely dreading..

Despite it being the season of giving, or perhaps because of it, I found myself looking at a few pages regarding recycling, going green, veganism, etc. No in depth research, mind you; just poking around and avoiding my textbooks.

Here’s a blog post regarding electronic trash build up, and a lot of the comments are also interesting to read.

Here are a few more interesting pages to check out:

Clean Water Saves.org/

Let’s Think Green Thoughts

And for shits and giggles.

Is anyone else super excited to see the new Narnia movie?! I already had plans on the night it came out and serious obligations the next morning, but I intend to see it soon! Hopefully this weekend. ^_____^ I have the books, so I’m interested to see how they did this next one. Also, I’m concerned – are they going to make the others?? So far, they’ve made movies of books 2, 4, and now 5. What about the Magician’s Nephew? The Horse and His Boy? Hopefully they’re just doing them in this order to be efficient about the growing young actors, just like they had to power through all Harry Potter movies so the ‘kids’ wouldn’t have grey hair by the time they entered their 7th year. I REALLY do hope they’ll go back and make movies of the other Narnia books! The Horse and His Boy was my favorite. ^_____^

I think it’s thoroughly weird when girls squeal in excitement about Skandar Keynes because to me he just looks young, but I do love this video! My friend showed it to me a couple of years ago. To those of you who don’t get the relevance, Skandar Keynes is the kid that plays Edmund in the current Narnia movies.

Okay. I’ve just decided this. Every post, I’m going to link to the wiki page of an animal. Maybe something normal, exotic, or even a breed of domesticated animal.

Today, the Bernese Mountain Dog.


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