Entry 11

18 Mar

So, it’s been a while since I last posted something, but I guess it doesn’t really matter since no one reads this, anyway. Why do we feel the need to empty our inner thoughts to the deep abyss of the cyber world? Somehow, it feels more fulfilling than keeping a journal or diary on paper, and yet we are often so quick to freak out if someone we don’t personally know, knows intimate details about us. Maybe if you didn’t post such things to the internet–???

Oh well. Moving on.

Christmas was great. New semester’s been fine. Lighter class load because I didn’t get into everything I needed, so I’m volunteering some now, also. Went on an awesome field trip one weekend in February to the coast for birding. Had a friend visit from California and showed her some places around the state – Austin, then headed down through San Marcos to San Antonio, then also to Corpus Christi, Aransas Pass, and Port Aransas. It was a pretty awesome and busy week, including my birthday and a family cookout, an hour wait for the Aransas ferry, meeting some birder dude, taking fun pics at random places, lunch on Lake Travis, dinner on the Riverwalk, getting to the Alamo just after it closed, and quickly putting the tent up at 10:30 pm one night.

A note – I love my car more with every passing day! The trunk is delightfully spacious, the back seat completely folds down flat, it has a sun roof, tape AND CD player, and everything works as it should!! It’s just a joy to behold. *_* I’ve had a year and I still love it SO MUCH~ We packed it full with the tent, suitcase and duffel bag, air mattress, sleeping bag, rolled up sleeping foamy mats, comforters and extra blankets, supplies like air pumps and flashlights, beach stuff, my birding backpack, and more! In the backseat we put the ice chest, pillows, and snacks.

I was totally proud of my skills in putting up the tent and taking it back down with decent efficiency (especially since it was my first time AND in the dark), and definitely want to camp more in the future with my friends!! I felt incredibly awesome in that I used the sleeping mat, sleeping bag, and even actually got some sleep! After the cicadas and wind subsided, anyway.

Some random animal wiki links:




And yes, I’ve seen all three. Saw the cinnamon teal just 2 days ago in Port Aransas.


The moon looks lovely just now. The sun’s gone but it’s not entirely dark yet, and the moon shines with amazing brilliance, sitting low and the sky and appearing full or very close to it, with a yellow hint to its bright glow.


This is just full of win. FULL.

And these also make me crack up:



Worth checking out!


ONE DAY! Carnival of Venice

For now, I’m looking around for camping ideas (state parks, really), and looking at places for little 1-2 night trips. I want to look back and have done more, especially since I’m taking classes all summer.



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