Entry 13

7 Apr

Sometimes it is SO hard to get up in the morning. I’m not saying in some depressed, I-can’t-go-on way. Just that it’s EARLY and I want to SLEEP, I HAVE to sleep!!!! That’s right, with FOUR exclamation marks!!!! Sometimes, the need for sleep is so overwhelming and powerful that I give in. It’s incredibly naughty of me, but.. what’s done is done. However! Today I made myself get up (yes, pat on the back for me!) and then I forgot to bring a snack, so for a little while, I thought I was going to feel sick and faint or something. But then we walked more, talked more, and things became infinitely more bearable. Now I’m home, with the intent to nourish myself and then mop. Possibly take a shower, but let’s not make anything official.

I would hate to be this guy; that would be so frustrating.

In other news, here’s a laugh.

I’m not really interested in Tron ( though I’d see it just for Garrett Hedlund >_> ), but I do love me some Glitch Mob.

Here are a few little Animal Planet articles about animals. One is about gorillas and human-like behavior, and the other is about prairie dogs kissing.

I cannot even convey to you how much I agree with this. TLC is TERRIBLE! So many channels are giving in to ‘reality tv’ and I just personally can’t stand it, and TLC has that as well as other mindless drivel. I used to like this channel! Okay, granted I never watched it much because I didn’t have cable growing up, but my friend and I used to watch Trading Spaces. Now, that sort of thing would be on HG and TLC is just.. I don’t even know…. But that page cracks me up!!

In other news, did you know the capybara is the largest rodent in the world? It’s actually related to the guinea pig and, like its cousin, cannot make its own Vitamin C (humans and apes are also incapable). I think they’re kinda cute. xD  I think it would be fascinating to have one as a pet, but they love water, I have no idea what climate and diet they need, how much space, behavior/temperament, or lifespan. Basically – it’d be a badass exotic pet, but I’m not stupid; I know that I would not be knowledgeable or well equipped to provide for one. Still….. wouldn’t that be awesome?!

More capybara pictures of awesomeness. And one of capybaras with tapirs!

Well, it’s 9:50 am. I’ve been up for.. over 4 hours already. I’ve had my field birding class, downloaded some new desktop wallpapers and applied one, cleaned up my desktop, written this, fed my rabbit, washed some dishes, and now I’m going to mop.


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