Entry 6

12 Oct

Top 5 Bizarre Exotic Animal Laws: http://animal.discovery.com/tv/fatal-attractions/5-exotic-pet-laws.html

Okay fine, this is kind of cute: http://www.willyoumarrymekc.com/i/popics/arcade-proposal.jpg

Also very touching: http://www.pawnation.com/2010/10/11/canine-assistants-billy-ma-gets-to-know-dog/

Kind of freaking awesome, and I’m not often impressed by accents and impressions: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KJOE-8xBu4w

I might be getting some Corelle dishes for Christmas! ^_^ Maybe it’s silly that I look forward to it, but I don’t like relying on my other roommates to bring the dishes; I want to be able to supply my own, especially for when I don’t live with them one day.

I should be a tutor. :] Helped someone for 3 hours yesterday, then studied with another friend for the same class for another couple of hours. At least this way I should be pretty ready for the test in a few hours! Now for that paper I have to write…

Bridge and Tunnel, by The Honorary Title
Reason to Celebrate, by The Honorary Title
Everything I Once Had, by The Honorary Title
Properly Balanced, by The Honorary Title
Frame By Frame, by The Honorary Title
The Faint and Precious Sound, by The Honorary Title
Dilute, by The Honorary Title
Reassemble, by The Honorary Title
Momentum, by The Honorary Title
Hourglass, by The Hush Sound
Echo, by The Hush Sound
Wine Red, by The Hush Sound

Lord of the Rings car

I mean, I love Lord of the Rings, but this is nuts lol! Great job, regardless

Pink hippo in Kenya

A pink hippo spotted in Africa, more pics and info here: http://blog.burrard-lucas.com/2010/09/rare-pink-hippo-discovered-in-the-masai-mara/

And something about food.. my roommate says this is delicious, but I’ve yet to try it: http://simplyrecipes.com/recipes/croque_monsieur_ham_and_cheese_sandwich/

Since when is there a spice called ‘pumpkin pie spice’??? I was making French toast for myself yesterday and I knew there was something to add besides a bunch of cinnamon (now I think I was looking for nutmeg), but I couldn’t remember what. Well, pumpkin pie spice tastes fine in French toast! I put powdered sugar and syrup on at the end, anyway. YUM.


I would like one for Christmas, plz.


Entry 4

10 Oct

It’s really frustrating when my friend is in the library so we can’t talk on the phone, but we can’t read each other’s mind to know when to check email, and texting is just so slow and limiting.. But we can’t remember her precise SN/pw combination for AIM that I made her a few years ago, and the AIM registration page is MESSING UP.

Went home for a night and got to pick up my aunt from the airport, so seeing her was really cool. Pretty cool that she brought clothes that don’t quite fit her and some not only fit me, but also I actually like them! When people try to pick out stuff for me it’s generally a bad idea (I’m picky) but I now have a few new shirts, a new skirt..  Came back last night, now attempting to get some work done. It’s in progress……. >_>

Also trying to think of a new AIM screen name for myself.. There was one I liked a LOT, but it’s taken. D8 And I think it’s too long to add any numbers or junk, and I hate numbers on there anyway.

Je Pars, by Mary’s Dream (on repeat)
Lovely song. Heard my roommate playing it a while back, looked it up and got it. ^_^

Nothing profound to share with you today, sorry. Just really frustrated at Yahoo and AOL. And ‘captcha’.

Doing pretty good at avoiding getting any work done on my paper.. Was hoping to receive a couple of emails from cool people, but alas, better luck tomorrow?

Et je pars tant mieux..

Time to study some more.

Happy 10-10-10 everyone~

Now listening to some Coldplay, seeing as how I started this post about 10 hours ago and then forgot I never finished it.

Entry 4

7 Oct

Cool tidbits about Texas: We were our own country for a bit, called the Republic of Texas. We were annexed as a state into the US in 1845. We have the second most land area, after Alaska. California ranks 3rd, and Montana 4th.

An endangered species in Texas that a lot of people don’t know about is the Texas blind salamander: http://en.academic.ru/pictures/enwiki/84/Texas_blind_salamander.jpg Funky, eh?

Stuff My Pet Ruined: http://blogs.discovery.com/daily_treat/2010/09/stuff-my-pet-ruined.html#mkcpgn=fbapl1

And on there, they have a link to a similar page about stuff getting ruined by kids. It’s pretty funny; definitely worth a look. ^_^

The World’s Most Powerful Women, by Forbes


Interesting. Haven’t heard of a LOT of these women, but still interesting. Not thrilled with the formatting of the picture page, how the whole page reloads for each new woman’s picture.

On one, it mentioned the ‘Clinton Global Initiative, or CGI’. Heh. CGI. I don’t know why that amused me so much, I really don’t. XD

Wow, Sarah Jessica Parker is 45? Could’ve fooled me! I would’ve guessed 35. And Martha Stewart is 69. #61, Suze Orman. Recognize her only because I saw her show on tv in the hospital while waiting to meet my newly born nephew. It’s also interesting to see woman heads of state: Germany, Australia, Argentina, Costa Rica, Liberia… And Jordan has a Queen? News to me!

Okay, I know we should be more concerned with real issues, but.. this was slightly amusing: http://news.yahoo.com/video/politics-15749652/raw-video-presidential-seal-falls-during-speech-22295411#video=22315061

Winamp on shuffle:
Lovers in Japan, by Coldplay
Martin Sheen of Jfk, by Yellowcard
Sometimes, by Papa Roach
Saying Goodbye, by Sugarcult
My Apologies, by the Hush Sound
Amazing Because It Is, by the Almost
Control, by Metro Station
Navigate Me, by Cute Is What We Aim For
Enterlude, by the Killers
Salvador, by Jamie T

Entry 3

6 Oct

The sun is setting, and it cast golden light on my arm. And that’s when I noticed it – my arm shimmers.


No. It’s a new development of the earlier ‘in shower lotion’ story. How does the shimmer stay if the stuff was rinsed off? The bottle even says – Smooth on, Rinse off. And yet, following said directions still results in a somewhat lotion-like effect.

I’ve decided I like this stuff.

Entry 2

6 Oct

Watched episode 10 of Heroes (S2).

Lab is at the river today. I would be more excited if the ‘procedure’ didn’t involve simply standing around for up to three hours taking our temperature every 15 minutes. I wonder if I could persuade a friend to come hang around and keep me company..

Warmer today than yesterday. At least so far. It was definitely nippy last night. Tried out some ‘in shower lotion’ stuff today. Not shabby. Seems a waste because they say to start with a quarter-sized amount for each ‘area of the body’. Sounds like you’d end up going through the bottle pretty quick, but I still think it was interesting. It’s like I put on lotion, but I didn’t really because it was in the shower and was rinsed off. O.o

I have a new email friend in Italy. Got to explain American neighborhoods and suburbia. Hearing how people from other countries perceive America is always really interesting – I was basically asked if my street looks like the one in the Simpsons.

Watched Death at a Funeral last night and ended up staying really late, but it was worth it. ^_^

The album ‘Realize’ by Karsh Kale

In Heroes, Kirsten Bell and Hayden Panettiere both look on the short side (to me), but I remember now that Kirsten Bell was always wearing heels, which explains why she looked the same height as Hayden (‘the cheerleader’), despite being 3 1/2 inches shorter at 5’1″ (according to IMDB.com). How tall is the kid that plays West, the flying boy? Hayden just always looks short compared to her dad, Noah, and West.

Really funny: http://animal.discovery.com/videos/weird-true-freaky-cheetah-poops-in-jeep.html#mkcpgn=fbapl1

Also interesting, given that I’m interested in animals, animal behavior, and biology: http://animal.discovery.com/videos/weird-true-freaky-self-milking-cow.html#mkcpgn=fbapl1

Wut… : http://blogs.discovery.com/daily_treat/2010/09/a-dog-poop-purse-epic-or-ewww.html#mkcpgn=twapl1

I mean, I understand about the ‘swinging poop bag’ and it’s awkwardness, but at the same time, I really don’t see myself EVER using this product. However, I still think it’s interesting that some people are trying to be creative about ways to make it more pleasant (or less unpleasant?) to pick up after our dogs.

Something I stumbled across that makes me VERY unhappy:


Our education system is so messed up! Christianity is NOT ‘science’! They are completely different! And basing education off of religious views is completely against the law, yet here they are getting away with it. I know some people are proud that LBJ was a Texan president, but you know what I heard? That he was an asshole. Obviously I have no proof, just something I heard someone say, but really – every story has two sides, and it really pains me to see so many issues skewed to suit Christian Republicans.

Many polls and a bunch of research was done regarding people and evolution, and it turns out a LOT of people don’t believe in evolution. Hey, that’s their choice, whatever. But in the SAME data, it was obvious that all these people ALSO admit that they don’t hardly know anything about it. How can you say you don’t believe it if you don’t understand it? Yeah, if you told me we were chimps yesterday and humans today, I’d think you were smoking something funny. But millions of years? It’s possible, folks.

Why Evolution is True, by Jerry A. Coyne, page 28:

“Humans are newcomers on the scene – our lineage branches off from that of other primates only about 7 million years ago, the merest sliver of evolutionary time. Various imaginative analogies have been used to make this point, and it is worth making again. If the entire course of evolution were compressed into a single year, the earliest bacteria would appear at the end of March, but we wouldn’t see the first human ancestors until 6 am on December 31. The golden age of Greece, about 500 BC, would occur just thirty seconds before midnight.”

Mind blowing. But it allows us to see the true scale of time, rather than just day to day, or year to year. 100 years in comparison to the age of the earth? Not even the blink of an eye can compare. I can’t explain how grateful I am that I have open-minded, rational parents, that I went to a good school that taught evolution, and that my major also requires me to learn about biology and evolution.

Time to shut up and catch the bus.

Entry 1

4 Oct

Okay fine, so I’m hopping on the bandwagon and getting a blog, despite knowing that no one will read it. I know there are other ways to express myself, like a journal or simply talking, but hey, I’m already on my computer too much, so what’s a little more?

A few things about me (yanno, on the off chance anyone ever reads this): I’m a university student (biology), I’m from Texas, and I really hate when people make decisions without knowing any information.

Winamp on shuffle:
All the Small Things, by Blink 182
Come Here Boy, by Imogen Heap
Original Prankster, by the Offspring
Tragedy, by Celldweller
Just Hold Me, by Maria Mena
Wanderlust, by Flogging Molly
What I Like About You, by the Ramones
Waiting For the World to Fall, by Jars of Clay
One by One, by Chumbawamba
Dingo Beats part 1, by Moonitor

People should just recognize my fantastic taste automatically.. I mean I know I’m being absurd and just joking, but still. Is it silly that I love my taste in things? Music, cars, books, random crap in my room.. Okay mostly music and random crap.  Yes, I know that’s super egotistical of me lol.

So, I was sick last weekend (like ~9 days ago) and had awful sinus pressure (my head wanted to implode), so instead of studying or doing homework (because that sucks even when healthy) I decided to try out Heroes. The reason I’d never watched it before was because I seem to have trouble committing to TV shows and once I do, other things (ie homework) suffer for it. And guess what – I managed to watch all of Season 1 within 2 days. Now, a week later, I’ve also watched the first 9 episodes of Season 2. Goodbye, grades.

The parentals want to know if my brother and I want to come to San Antonio with them for a weekend. I wouldn’t mind going to Fiesta Texas and riding the Superman a few times, but it sounds like we’ll all be sharing a hotel room, so that makes me hesitant to bring someone with me. So, looks like I’ll just use that time for sibling bonding.

Looks like there’s yet another scam going on, this time involving jury duty:http://www.fbi.gov/page2/june06/jury_scams060206.htm

Being a science major, I particularly enjoy these:

OMG WTF. I just found 2 Paris Hilton songs on my computer. I really want to know where they came from now.. I’m pretty sure it was one of my brothers but then… why do they have it? O_____o